Drupal 9 Installation requirements

Many of us will be migrating our site in next few months to Drupal 9.   Given below are the minimum requirements for installing Drupal 9.

  1. Database
    1. MariaDB, version 10.3.7+
    2. MySQL version 5.7.8+
    3. PostgreSQL, version 10 (With the pg_trgm extension)
  2. PHP
    1. At least PHP 7.3
    2. Drupal 9.1.0 onwards PHP 8 is supported
    3. Usually most required PHP extentions are available on web hosting, but incase you are looking for the exact list check out this link: https://www.drupal.org/docs/system-requirements/php-requirements
  3. Webserver
    1. Nginx not less than version 0.7.x
    2. Apache not less than 2.4.7
  4. Webspace
    1. Drupal 9 when uncompress takes up around 150MB of disk space. You will need extra space for your files and other modules that you will be uploading/adding later.

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