If you find it difficult to manage the URL alias for every content you create with Drupal, then Pathauto module is for you. It can automatically generate URL alias for you based on a given pattern

n one of the previous posts I had discusses about this interesting Drupal module - Asset Injector which allows us to easily add CSS and JavaScript to our Drupal setup.
This post discusses about how you can add jQuery code to the same.

The Admin Toolbar Module basically replaces the existing admin toolbar in Drupal 10 with a new toolbar with drop down menus for navigating to deeper links.

While working with Drupal (10), you would want to inject/add some of your own CSS/JavaScript without modifying the actual theme CSS.

If you are looking forward to add a counter for page views, you can simply used the Drupal core Statistics module.

The Drupal Core "Ban" module is very useful to keep away spammers and bad guys try to access your Drupal based website. The module has been there since Drupal 7 and is available in 8,9 and 10.

If you have been creating content types, it is obvious that you would not like to display all the fields one after another. But what if you wanted to display a field content in between some text, say the name of the author or say you have a date field etc.

DrupalOnce you Drupal Site it installed, Its a good idea to update the Logo and Favicon and it give your site a good branding.

DrupalAs soon as  you install Drupal, you should take this step immediately to avoid spam and increase security.


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