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HTML and H1 to H6 - how to use

1 day 23 hours ago

HTML  headings

The HTML tags H1 to H6 are the most misused elements on the web. Primarily because the description about them is not clear. This post will try to clear the concept and usage of the tags properly.

Domain name and hosting

2 weeks 4 days ago


If you are planning to have a web presence today you have multiple way. You can utilize the social media, use existing advertisement site etc. But having your own website with a proper domain name give it a more reliable look.

To make you presence on the internet via a website the first thing you need to do is register a domain.

What is a website?

2 weeks 5 days ago

Web site

In this post I would like to break down the concept of a website with respect to a technical aspect. This will be helpful for web developer who plan to host or make websites.

API Example

2 weeks 6 days ago

Application Programming Interface

This post is going to show the usage of a API with a simple example, if you want to know about API read this article first " Application Programming Interface. " https://www.opensourcecook.in/blog/post/api/application-programming-interface

Application Programming Interface

3 weeks 6 days ago

Application Programming Interface

API stands for Application Programming Interface. What it essentially means is a way to communicate with a system or application (software) to do certain operation without using the default interface provided by that application of system.

What is a CMS?

1 month ago


A CMS can be considered as a platform that lets you build and edit your website without needing to have programming knowledge. These types of Content Management Systems which are specifically designed to run on web-server or are accessible over internet or intranet are called Web Content Management Systems.

Drupal 10 - Updating

1 month ago

Drupal 10 core update

This post discusses about how to update the Drupal 10 Core. The update process is usually for updating the 'core' in the same series i.e. 10.x or 9.x etc. Upgrading is usually a reference to shifting from main core version to another i.e. 10 to 11.

jQuery - Highlight table row and column on cell selection

2 months 2 weeks ago


Using jQuery we can highlight a complete row as well as the HTML table column when the mouse moves over a particular cell i.e. .

What is node js?

2 months 4 weeks ago

What is node js?

Now JavaScript is primarily known to be a client side scripting language and is actually processed by a JavaScript engine which is usually developed and is integrated in a web browser like Firefox.

What if we could use this engine separately and process JavaScript on the server itself. That way as a programmer you will be able to use your JavaScript skills not only on client side but also on the server side.

Node JS undefined in REPL

3 months ago


Why NodeJs REPL prints undefined?

We know that REPL stand for READ, EVALUATE, PRINT and LOOP. So when we use a NodeJS REPL, every line of code that we write is immediately processed or evaluated.

JavaScript var, let, const and hoisting

3 months ago

var let and const in javascript

JavaScript allows us to declare variable using var, let and const. The last one const is simple and straight forward. Let start with that.

Manage services in Linux with systemctl

3 months 1 week ago

 manage state of the daemons on your Linux system with this command line tool.

Systemctl: may be used to introspect and control the state of the "systemd" system and service manager. i.e. you can manage state of the daemons on your Linux system with this command line tool.


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