GNU/Linux Advantages and Pre-Install checklist

  • Posted on: 12 April 2020
  • By: dexter

What are the Linux?

The Linux kernel is widely used now a days to for a usable system, generally what people refer as an OS, which we prefer to call as GNU/Linux distribution.  Linux itself is available as a Free Software as well as most of the GNU/Linux Distributions are also available under similar FOSS licenses.

What are the advantages of a GNU/Linux operating system?

A GNU/Linux distribution usually is a complete operating system and the distro DVD which are usually 2 GB or more, contain all the usually required software that you would need to work with. You will not need to get these software saparately. 

Apart from being Zero cost, a GNU/Linux system is a robust OS, stable and biggest of all safe from virus issues.

Follow more details in our series of video tutorials over here.

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