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If You Can Cook, You Can Code.

Many assume coding is a difficult task which can be handeled by only a few or by people who are having technical background. 

Well first of all you should have the inspiration to learn. If you think that you can cook or even make tea or coffee then you can code also. Humans are fundamentally inbuilt with the ability to make programs and take decisions.

Cook here not necessarily relating to actual cooking, it reflects your ability to make and take decisions. If you can do the following properly you have a  great mind which has an ability to code:

  • Cross a road.
  • Follow traffic signals.
  • Ride a Bike/Cycle, Drive a car.

Any of the above and you are ready for learning.

At OpenSourceCook.in we believe in the concept of Garage-Hack-Learning. read more....



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Colony No.7,  Sr.No. 38.
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