Linux Mint 19.3 - XFCE4 Disable auto window maximize on top screen edge

XFCE is a lightweight desktop environment and one of the easiest to use.

Certain setting can be hidden in weird places or described in a funny way. One of the annoying things that is there is the "auto window maximization" when window title bar touches the top screen edge. This is quite annoying when you are trying to set multiple windows on your screen or just trying to move the window somewhere else.

In Linux Mint Linux Mint 19.3 you can disable this from

Settings >> "Window manager tweaks" >> Accessibility Tab  -- here un-check the option "Automatically tile windows when moving towards the screen edge"

Interestingly this heading/title does not talk about moving window toward the top edge of screen. Anyway that is the setting. Hopefully this is helpful to you.


Follow more details in our series of video tutorials over here.

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