Drupal - First step after installation.


As soon as you have installed Drupal you should take the following step to avoid any kind of spam registrations.


When you install Drupal, the first user that is created becomes the administrator of the site.

Drupal CMS allows you site to be capable of handling multiples user.  By default the user registration is open (though administrators approval is required) and any one can register as a user for you site.

During the deployment and development of the site usually we should disable this and new account creation should only be available to administrator. Later on you can modify this setting accordingly.

  1. If the setting is on check the login page of Drupal, you will see a "Create new account" tab.
  2. Default login page
  3. To disable this setting login as administrator and navigate to:  Configuration > People - Account Setting
  4. Default login page
  5. Look for "Registration and Cancellation"
  6. Change this setting to "Administrators Only"
  7. Save these setting (Save button is at bottom of the page)
  8. Now log out and check the log in page. You will not see the "Create new account" tab.
  9. Default login page without register option
That's it your site is now safe from spam registrations.


 Check out the following video for demo:

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